Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 07 (05 Feb 2010) [Ueno zoo]

After a nightmare night of finding the hotel , I was VERY SORE AND TIRED .
I went down stairs for free breakie at the flashy hard to find hotel , more westerners in this place.
(Tokyo lots of westerners , osaka and hiroshima you are like hello kitty , everyone points/stares
and talks about you)

Talking about "Hello Kitty" mick was mentioning in Osaka he wanted to know
"what the time was" all the time (lol try translating that) , I suggested he buy a hello kitty watch ,
so when I got to Tokyo guess what he found in tokyo , a HELLO KITTY WATCH (ohh yes OMFG)

So after charging camera battery and laptop and sorting out bagage , mick and I worked out
which trains to get to goto Zoo and things to do in Ueno . I packed my bag with some stuff.
Then we left the hotel , it wasnt till I got close to the JR free train station that I worked out
hang on im light , FRAK , I left the Little bag behind in the Hotel , doey bitch !!!
I had my passport , JR pass , yen money and camera and free kolas , so that would have to do.

We went from the JR train station close to the hotel to Akibhura (geek town) train station
, then from it to Ueno, all went pretty well.

** Photo **

I saw some anime signs displaying ads for games on NDS at Akibhura train station:

** Photo **

** photo **

We managed to walk to the zoo which was well signed okay without needing to much help.
Before the zoo entrance their was a nice water thingy (See pic)

BTW This is the URL for the zoo if anyone is interested:

** photo **

Both Mick and I got our pic taken in front of cool garden animal thingy (see pic)

We saw lots of animals in the first half of the area , which had cute little wood
eating dog things , which had wigglying tails and also nibbled on wood

We saw various Monkeys , American Biason , etc then we headed onto the zoo's monorail
with primary school sized seats

When we got off the monorail we got a card for stamps then we noticed were the locals
were stamping and the right area on the card to stamp (yay stamping is fun)

we then saw penguins (my first ever , another japan first)

There was one really doey one that was singled out of the crowd
that wasnt to bright he couldnt work out how to get up the little area from
water to land, took him about 15 mins.

Near them was Kangaroos , they looked bored as (a lot of animals did)
lots of other animals , and lots of photos taken , I evently caught up with mick
that wandered off byhimself and got over charged by zoo rice sushi lunch prices
and we headed back for a second ride on the mono rail and to the exit for a stamp
that said , we have been to zoo (yay second stamp)

We then checked out the local shops which sold even more over priced and not
that appealing food and saw a few signs to brothels and headed back to a JR
free train station (410 metres) and headed back to Akibhura , were mick helped
me get the right connection for the hotel JR free train station and he went shopping
in Akibhura


Once I got off train sation I managed to see a sign saying shops upstairs , so
I checked it out , a MEGA EXPENSIVE pasta place , like 15 au bucks for a SMALL
TINY plate of spagetti . Bugger that . Next

I found a chemist/drug store thta sold an Australian almost type of fanta
(that tasted bloody good) for 100 yen , just what I needed .

** photo **
Then I found outside the train station a little shop tucked away like 7-11
for AU$10 i bought two hot bits of chicken and two bowls of soup
and two salads in containers (trust me that was a bargin buy)

** photo **

** photo **

** photo **

Talked to kerra a bit after we banged on the door during a relaxing bath to
relax the soreness and we watch a bit of japanese free tv and bbc world
news in english and fell asleep.

I dont know what is planed for Saturday but Sunday I am meeting a local
girl off facebook.

I forgot to mention but on Friday morning , I met some Australian tourists at 
the bottom of the lobby.
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Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 06 (04 Feb 2010) [Water Shrine]

Day 06 - Part 1 - Shrine

I woke up around 7am (might of been 8am) Japan has multiple time zones
but I managed to make it for western style breakfast.

I organised a few things , like packing my bags and stored it in the "baggage" room
(Which was free to use , phew) checked a few things online and headed off using
FREEBIE JR BLUE BUS (never knock back free)

So Hostel to bus station at bottom of hill
JR blue bus to main JR train station
Private non JR train (cost 570 yen) to Shrine place mainland
Get off Shrine place main land train station , see sign that displays pay here for ferry
(Sweet) Ferry good ! gets me to Shrine , see another sign , go under road to ferry
Get up , just across the road bypassing the lights , look around to get barrings
Find dock , wander over and see sign saying wait 15 mins for ferry

All is good :-)

Bought OJ and Postcard photos from kiosk next to dock , took a few photos.
Got ferry over , it was FULL of Koreon tourist (so was hiroshima actually)
Had a ball on the island , saw real life deers (another japan visit first)
Meet a cool amercian and I gave him my LJ blog addy and email
I took photos for him and he took photos for me .
I took photos of shrine
The once i get to house thingy by the temple , it was a case of the OHHH SHIT

The camera battery died in the arse

*** PANIC ***

That sucked the big one, nat the USA guy said he would swap photos , you rock mate.
Got ferry/train/bus back to hostel , picked up bag (big port)
On the way down its hill it was around 3.30 pm , guess what happens at 3.30
and guess what the hostel was close to
Another first - you guest it , HIROSHMIA JAPANESE High school girls !!!

Next visit in Japan I will be going to Hiroshima again to see shrine when half the stuff is open
like Rope Bridge and half the stuff on the island seemed close (island were water shrine)
plus I want to experince it in LOW tide on the sand .
Their was other stuff to do around the hostel but without pre planing I missed out on things
to do . Next japan visit is going to be MORE ORGANISED !

Ohhh Almost forgot to mention I meet and chatted to german tourist on the train back from water
shrine, he was a an free world trip he won (lucky!!) he was off to Australia on Satruday to SA then to NZ.
The chair I was sitting on chatting to him was heating , a bit to warm for me but Im sure Rob and Mick
would of loved the chair .

I ate cloesaw salad and cold battered chicken on a stick for the 5pm journey leaving hiroshma and
knocked off the rest of the Oj , no pic camera dead and gave the rubbish to a nice lady with a
rubbish bag.

Close to Shin-Osaka I was talking to this American (How I knew he was american, he was playing music
loud on ear phones , annoying , very !) him and his asian wife were touring japan from USA .
The asian wife ended up giving me some choclate wafer straw thingies.

Its funny , you ask western people were they are from , im like , Brisbane in Australia or Australia
you ask an American they go xzy town like I fucking expected to know were it is or the states
I hate that saying "the states" its likes saying , we are wankers and were the only ones
with states in our country . GRRR


The Water Shrine was awesome , I really should of devoted a entire day to this as there is a lot
to do on the island , along with the rope cable cars which was under repair and the fish area.

I took as many photos as I could before camera battery died .

To note for tourists:
1, you can rent a bike using JR pass for about 300 yen.
2, To get into the house by the temple costs 230 yen
(You have a closer view view of the temple outside the house)
3, try to go in low water/low tide period

Here is an googled found image of what it looks like in low tide:


Part 2 - Arriving in Tokyo

I went from Hiroshima to Shin-Osaka then Shin-Osaka to Japan (Tokyo) which was
a little over 900 km . I left 5:15 pm , got to tokyo at 10:10pm.

I had no trouble swapping trains Tokyo to the various lines to get the to Hotel
but going from the train station to the hotel was a utter bloody nightmare
I ended up walking around in 1 degress cold in a hour and a half till I was close
to the area and paided a rude taxi driver $7.5 just to go about 400 metres
since i was so extasted , Got to the hotel around 1,30 am . Had to wait
another 30 mins since only one guy was at the desk , then another guy
turned up 30 mins later to show me to the room were mick and rob were


But I arrived at hotel and had about 4-5 hrs sleep


Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 05 (03 Feb 2010) [Hiroshma]

Day 05 - Wednesday - Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima Trip

The plan was to wake up at 5:45 , I layed down around 11pm ,
I woke up then turned the alarm off and drifted back to sleep
I woke up a few minutes before 7AM



I quickly grabbed my stuff together , packed it in any bag it could fit
and rushed off to the Shin-Osaka Train Station . I ended up putting my
unberra pointing out of the port and the washing powder in a bag hanging of it.

I asked a nice man that would understand which train I wanted (I must of prouncanced it right)
and he showed me a map of were to walk from "Enterancea".

I then found the JR office , picked up a ticket for a reversed seat (Lucky they didnt give me a smoking cart)
One snazy thing I noticed about this train is its got a POWER POINT RIGHT NEXT TO MY SEAT , sweet!!!

** Insert photo here **

This train unlike yesterdays mick up has a nice LCD display in english saying im going in the right direction.
Leaving Shin-Osaka Train Station at 8:17 (it seemed it rocked up early but I got on it) , its now 8:28
and were at Shin-Kobe (FRAK 10 mins to get were I wanted , GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR yesterday)
This is another train with people with trollies for items to buy (cool!! but I have my fruit bun and water for breakfast)

*** insert pic of OJ and Bun **

Its 9 AM and we are stopping at Himaji (place with the castle) GRRRR this is another place I wanted to goto .
So for anyone going from Toyko , you go from Tokyo , to Osaka , then to Shin-Osaka , get off change platforms
get this 493 train , it goes to KOBE first , then onto Hijemi

I saw a temple and a ferris wheel going to fast out of Hijemi to take a photo of , that would of been a place to visit , DAMM.

Ohh BTW THIS TRAIN IS AWESOME , a cute girl in a uniform walks by and ask for any rubish, so I gave her my OJ popper
and thanked for in Japanese and bowed . She smiled . (CUTE !!!)

The train tunnels make my ears all funny like the plane trip , probly since were are doing over 100 k's on the train ,
it zooms along at a rapid rate of knots thats for sure . Well just typing all this up and Im 40 mins away from Hiiroshama .


The plan once I get to Hiroshima is to find the " Hiroshima Youth Hostel "
which is a cheap place apprently , I hope its a room and not a dorm .
It has Internet apprently , a bed and a pool for summer use . I have to catch a bus to get to it (yen coins)

** insert photos of my yen coins **

** Insert Cute yen coins **

Ohh BTW I did clothes washing last Night and it cost me two 100 yen coins for a clothes washing machine
(That was smaller then mine at home without the cool music) and 100 yen for a dryer (that did a crappy job)
(If this hostel has a dryer ill end up chucking most of the stuff in it to warm up again)

Todays plan was to visit:

Peace Park
& Shukkei-en (historic Japanese garden in the city of Hiroshima, Japan)
& Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine

I made it to the Shukkei-En Garden and the Castle in Hiroshima .
I checked out another big shopping mall (I think this one was dedicated for females ,
thus the reason I so so many cute asian girls today )

The Garden was AWESOME , I took so many pics and even a video , think of the gardens
in Brisbane CBD but 50 times better . The only wild life I saw was Pidgons and Crows
and a SINGLE FISHY in the water , which swam away before I got to take pic of it.

The Hostel was an adventure in itself finding and getting to , I swear Kybo bus system
is a LOT BETTER then Hiroshma system , but Hiroshma has Trams .

** Photo of tram **

The Castle was an interesting experince (just a walk down the road from the gardens)
and BIG , BLOODY STEPS and steps and steps and more steps .
My fav floor was the one with the swords , I was not allowed to take pics in that section.
When I got to the top floor of the Castle , what do i find , BLOODY VENDING MACHINES
Ohh no your not allowed to take photos of things inside glass containers but
its okay to stick vendening machines up the top WTF ???
So I tired Japanese Vending Machine "MILK TEA" considering it was a dollar (100 yen)
not bad and it felt like a zollion degress in hotness , just the thing to warm me up.

I took photos of a-bomb tree's , one dead and one alive (yes WTF it survied)
The castle was about a km away from the epi centre.

Just outside the Castle was a tea cermany place , i wasnt sure if I was allowed in so I just took photos
of it and the girls cleaning the place.

I had my first remen cooked fresh in Japan today ** YAY **
OMFG it took ages to down it all and it was filling
It was in the big Sogo building which was on bottom floor (B1)
but the bus station was on level 3

Ohh outside the 11 story sogo building was the BEST TV

** insert pic**
It was displaying a few things , including a ad for a heater
This school girl brings home a puppy and its all wet , so she uses some heater to dry it off
and the puppy is happy , thus consumers should buy heaters to keep puppy happy !!!

I had my first japanese share bathroom experince tonight (by myself) lol
no one went in while the white western aussie was in their.

I had a cute asian girl say hello but she didnt know any more english i think.

I am in a multi share room by myself with 3 duel bunk beds and the
room is about the size of my room back in Brisbane but with a baloncy
with an awesome view of city lights

Im off to water Shrine tommorow morning , then back to Hostel before 3pm
then off to tokyo to Meet up with Rob and Mick at "Tokyo Centre of Asia"
Im really knacked after today , good night , Ill keep everyone posted on my
travels .

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 04 (02 Feb 2010) [Epic Fail4]

Day 04 - Tuesday - Day of Discovery by myself

The idea was to Castle and Kobe , but due to external situation
I wasted to many hours walking around and not doing that much.
I then went by myself to Shin Osaka station around 10.30-11
got a train IN THE WRONG BLOODY DIRECTION but told by several people
it was the right one , make a long story short , I bloody gave up and really
annoyed at the idea of wing it without a bloody clue and choose to goto the
main part of osaka , which I got around 2.30-3pm. Got off , checked out
this cool mega big harvey extortion type store , 9 floors of crazyness.

** Insert pics **

** insert pics **

** Insert pics **

The place displayed signs saying cameras spying on you and not to take photos (BUGGER)
because this place was CCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOLLL !!!
I really liked the TV Level with the Sharp High Def 1080p 205cm LCD , it looked pretty snazzy
and had heaps of 0's on the price tag . It was displaying Transformers 2 DVD or Blueray with
Japanese Subs .

The english movies in this store cost MORE to buy in Australia but they seemed to have a better
range then ezydvd had , they had a little anime section were I found BLEACH (does a little yay dance)
but it was pretty much in japanese on the front and back and no mention of subs and the price
was over 5000 yen (probly for only 5 or 6 eps )

I really wanted to buy this cool "Pocket WIFI" gadet but found one guy that spoke english and he
mentioned to get it you needed to sign up for a TWO year contract
(sound like another country you know) GRR I would of been the envy with a tiny sweet cool 3g
SIM wifi router to use with my Internode 3g 5 gig a month sim.

I ended up going up to the food place and bypassed to the chick floors
(*cough* I mean fashion floors) and walked around a little till I foind a koren curry place that
had a sign saying Forieners get discount *SWEET* Im up for discount for stupid gyjins
I got Pork Curry with rice , OJ , salad for about 900 yen (Probly AU$10)
What I really liked about this place it was nice and tucked away
( I needed to slow down in peace and quiet) (The shopping part was overwhalming)
and they had a big arse water jug so you didnt have to ask all the time
for a refill . One thing Ive noticed all the nice places give you a little cloth to wash your hands
and wot not all warmed up

I ended up heading back to Shin-Osaka since it was almost 5pm by this time ,
I went to a few 7-11 type convenince stores at Shin-Osaka , one with an annoying kid out front
near a Hello Kitty Yogget sign I couldnt find any panadole but I picked up a couple of noodle soups
(One I shared with Kerra since it was MEGA spicy and I didnt notice that)

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 03 (01 Feb 2010) [Kyoto]

DAY 03 - Monday

I woke up about 3 AM after going to bed at 6PM, I felt really knacked
Rob and Mick went to the Hot Spring water slide place with the changing themes.
I had breaky (Western Style) Egg , Ham , noodles , salad (Yes WTF indeed) , cronsant ,
bread bun with butter and jam.

I meet up with Rob and Mick and we took off for "Wing it adventuring"
I was feeling a bit off , so I didnt feel like adventuring to Kobe by myself
quite yet and wasn't 100% sure I knew how to use the public transport that
well by myself . Anyway we ended up in Kyoto .

Kyoto is a city in the central part of the island of Honsha, Japan.
(Honsha is the largest island of Japan)

Kyoto has a population close to 1.5 million. Formerly the imperial capital of Japan,
it is now the capital of Kyoto Prefecture, as well as a major part of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto
metropolitan area.

Side Note:
The Island of Honsha has the active volcano Mount Fuji at 3,776 m,
which makes it the world's 7th highest island. We saw Mount Fuji from the Train,
wow its DAMM BIG .

We got the local Subway which costs 200 yen to Shin-Osaka Train Station
(JR Card friendly , you basicly get local private own'ed lines to major JR ones)
From Shin-Osaka Train Station we got a JR ticket and we headed to KYOTO.

Kyoto Train Station was big (It might of been bigger then Shin-Osaka) had heaps of shops,
inculding this place that looked like david jones that had 10 stories to it and on top was a heli pad .
On the 9th or 8th floor was a information centre we got maps and hello to Australian Tourist from
Tasmania .

*** Photos here **

*** Photos here **

Outside the Kyoto Train Station we saw a funny crab that was giving away info
along with ASTRO BOY !!!!

*** Photos here **

*** Photos here **

Next to Kyoto Train Station is a busy bus interchange and a sign letting us know were all the temples were
(Lots near by) Just when rob was saying , wouldnt it be nice if they was an all day ticket for the bus's
a nice man shows up from the bus information centre to help us out (Thats timing !!)

We all got the All day pass and caught the bus (ohh it was robs idea to walk to the temple at first)
OMFG I am glad we didnt walk , it was MILES AWAY .

First we went to a temple that the nice man suggested , called THE GOLDEN PALILION temple .
(Ohh a bit after we got onto the bus it started to pour down rain).
We all bought a unberra close to the temple (I bet the shop does good trade with this)


Temple was good to check out , I enjoying taking photos and we meet two Australians
that lived on the Southside of Brisbane (Ironic , you travel 1000's of km's and come
across someone from Australia) which we ended up getting along with and we went
along with them to Lunch .

Lunch was good , I cant remember what the place was called but it was located next to maccas.
Both myself and Mick had to cook parts of our meal which was interesting and we only found out
after the meal that rice bowl was extra money , not inculded in the meal , but it was filling and it
was about 10 bucks for my meal in the end .

**** photos here ****

**** photos here ****

**** photos here ****

**** photos here ****

One interesting part of Japan is they have areas in the front of stores that give out free plastic bags that go over unbellas
and some stores have unberra racks.

**** photos here ****

We parted ways from the two Aussies and they recommened in the restrant that we check out a cashle down the road .
So we used our fancy all day bus trip pass's to cruise down to the castle which wasnt far .

Another Different thing in Japan is the bus's drive in reverse , KIDDING !!! :-))
No what they do in reverse is you get into the bus at the back
and you pay as you get off in the front . (But with trains its pay first)

Here is a pic of the nifty little all day bus card that cost 500 yen:
(if we didnt use it each single bus fair is 220 yen a go)

**** photos here ****

Nijō Castle
" Nijō Castle is an flatland castle located in Kyoto, Japan. The castle consists of two
concentric rings of fortifications, the Ninomaru Palace, the ruins of the Honmaru Palace,
various support buildings and several gardens. The surface area of the castle is 275,000
square meters, of which 8000 square meters is occupied by buildings"

We got to this place and it was still raining , OMFG ITS HUGE , how huge HUGE ++ with
a extra side of huge thanks. Inside was a bit dark and no photos were allowed it seemed
really nice to see the old style of japanese , 90% of the rooms seem to be dedicated
for meetings or waiting for a meeting.

*** lots of photos to come **

The gardens were cool , steps were big (no gyms needed in these days ,
walk up and down stairs a few times to lose weight.

*** lots of photos to come **

Well something different happened tonight .
Im sure all the people that know me will get a kick out of this .
I went out to get a bento box dinner from the 24 hr place , I ended up exploring but
didnt find anything nice , in english or affordable , so the fall back was the 24 hr place ,
just a few shops before the 24 hr hour shop this ugly chinese/asian girl starts yapping away ,
Im like no thanks and keep walking. Does that stop the freak , ohh no she keeps on it , talk talk ,
 I wish I knew "bugger off girl" in japanese. So then Im almost at the 24hr shop and she touchs my
 arse and gives up. 24 hr shop is the safe place.

I bought a meal , some nice looking baked buns cheap and choclate on special for 88 yen
(only 60 gramms thou).When I got to the hotel I thought I should of yelled chikan chikan at the
gaijin stalker .Then after the shop Im about to cross the line of the local subway station and see something
else odd , theirs actually ultra cute girls all in a line on the curb facing lights in a building that was closed .
The building is now lit up like a xmas tree and it seems to be a whole building dedicated for brothels .
OMFG its the street were the female brothel pimps hang out and try to get locals and gaijin customers.

Ive had food and a cupa , time for sleep .

I didnt get arrested by I now have been touched on the arse by a japan working girl

Tommorow , Kobe , cross fingers.

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 02 (31 Jan 2010)

Day 02 (31 Jan 2010)

Rob/Mick and I headed to the softbank counter that opened at 6:30
we managed to charge my laptop and Robs iphone via a point in the wall close to the JR office.

Softbank Phone Rental is only accepted via Credit Card which stuffed me only having Yen.

We then headed to food court only to be let down by it but found a nifty store that sold sushi and bento boxs.
I bought chicken egg and rice and Mick and Rob bought Sushi for Breakfast .

We got the Train from Nirita Airport at 7:30 AM to Tokyo main train station that got their around 9 AMou
We then hauled arse to get to the Osaka connection which we followed the pretty signs , wow
heaps of people and places to get lost really easy .

Got on facy express train to Osaka , managed to get OJ for myself and I bought a water for Rob
I used 500 yen coin , I think the OJ was like 130 yen and the Water was 170 yen , leaving me
with two 100 coins .

Drinks do seem a lot cheaper in Japan but all the pet bottles and cans are a lot smaller .

The Tokyo to Osaka trip will take 3 hour's, once to get to Osaka we will need to get
a non JR rain which will cost 180 yen to get closer to the Hotel we are staying at ..

I almost forgot my Jumper/Jacket on the Airport to Tokyo train , minor panic their.

while traveling from airport to Tokyo I was amazed in the Unit building's , how many people
they would squeeze into a building , one was 6 or 7 high and as long as the train

** photo *
[this is the end of the building i was talking about]

So far I haven't been offered a free little box of tissues.
No free wireless Internet yet , guess that waits till we arrive at the Hotel at Osaka .

On the trains over here they all have signs and even on speaker announcement to
put your mobile phone in silent mode and to talk on the mobile on thet area between carriages.

Robs hit his head on trains about 4 times so far .

We saw snow briefly on our trip , we even woke up mick to tell him about this

*** photo ***

*** photo ***

*** photo ***

We got to Shin-Osaka Train station which did seem pretty big (Tokyo one was bigger)
I managed to get separated from Rob and Mick and thought they might be just down the hall way but
stopped after a while

So after a little bit of stressing out , I choose to walk back up to were we went thou the ticket gate.
I found Rob and Mick a few minutes later , they were getting ambushed by JR ticket lady to accept
free tickets to places that were miles away.

We then all got a normal day to day person train to one stop down , found a map and walked to the hotel
in the rain, which was about 5-10min walk .

We booked into the hotel and I checked out their cool duel room
and then they checked out mine and we did our own thing for a hr or so (Shower , change clothes , etc)
(First Shower in Japan)

After booking in and having a shower and what not , I uploaded some of the 60 photos Ive taken so far in Japan
to my USB stick and the Office works USB HDD and plugged laptop into socket for recharge and found wireless
free net (YAY INTERNET !!!!)

All of us ventured out into the rain for a place to get supplies we needed and find a good place for a feed ,
the idea was to find this all you can eat bbq place that we found a discount card in the hall of the hotel but
we ended up finding a nice warm restrant instead which basicly had all the food in japanese symbols.
So it was point and ask for 1 (Lucky dip)

The boys got a salad + soup + prawns crumbed + rice , were I got pork instead of the prawns
(lucky guess). ( One interesting thing I noticed was at the end of the meal someone lit up a
smoke and was smoking in the place,   I saw this in other places too , way different then Australia .
Also the Train had a section for smokers called green cart)

This is a map of were we walking around :

Just a little up from the food place was a 24 hr ( I think it had 24 in Japanese on the front door
and a sign above the door) , which was sorta like 7-11 cross IGA . It had all sorts of stuff .
I was after Sugar and 1L of Milk for Tea (For anyone that knows me , you all know I like my cupa tea)
Soap (Since dispenser was empty in shower in my room , place it might be good to have one to take).
We walked around seeing all sorts of shops inculding netcafe which someone was putting a sign on a traffic
light trying to pimp sales , mos burger place (like Maccas/HJ) , Pub that sells a special at 5pm which
is food + beer for some cheap price . I noticed some hentai and JP XXX mags in a 7-11/servo type store
in a window (Ecchi). We managed to get back to the Hotel Okay . The hotel has a return by 1.30 am
policy to get your key for the room , otherwise your stuck outside till 7am when the breakfast starts.

The guys invited me to goto a Water Slide Hot Springs place but I was really tired and
didn't feel like going out in the rain again. I went to sleep about 6PM and woke up about 3AM.

I got to experince my first Tea making in Japan, these use these odd little water warmers (not kettles) which take
A DAMM LONG TIME FOR A CUPA but hey , its part of the hotel and I got to make my own tea in my own room.
(That was the important bit)

*** PHOTO **

[Isnt this cute , fancy water warmer ]


So Plan for Monday - Day 03

- Breaky in Hotel - you need to show special ticket to get it .
- Find place that sells Rental Phone, Softbank at airport only accepted CC 
not yen for Rental phone.
- Work out how to get to Kobe and back without the other two
- Have fun in Kobe.
- Get back to Hotel in Osaka


Arrest Bet Countdown - Chances HIGH to Medium as Charlie will be by himself and girls may be wet !

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 01 (30 Jan 2010)

DAY 00

Prep for the Trip:

Thursday while I was in town after meeting Kerra for Lunch I managed to find
a camping store that sold me a warm coat and gloves .

Yesterday (Friday) I managed to pay rent
(Which of course Ray White was giving bad service yet again)
and went to Comm Bank to get one of these "Travel Debit Cards" which is basicly
an Debit Credit Card but the Money is in Yen straight away and the charged me 15 bucks
for the card & converting cash in it (you know virtual cash) to Yen.

So this means I know have 1000 AU converted to Yen to spend while over in Japan
Also this fancy Commbank Travel Card allows anyone I know in Australia to DD
money into it if they want me to buy stuff (Cool hey !)

DAY 01

I woke up early since I had a crappy sleep .

While doing the finishing bits to my packing,
I had a huge panic around 3:30 AM .

I couldn't find my folder which had all my documents in it ,
which also had YEN Notes.

I went outside and took the cold in air , then started to look around ,
about 15 mins later I found it . PHEW

I left my House at 5:45 AM , I got an Business Class Taxi (Which wasn't cheap)
to the Brisbane International Airport. I arrived at the Airport at 06:20 AM .
I met up with Kerra and his little brother a little later.

It took a while to get everything sorted out at the Airport
and I felt a few kilos heave since I was wearing heaps of layers of clothes .


The Flight from Australia , Brisbane to Port Mosbey was okay ,
didn't get to see much out of the Window now and then some cute big fluffy
clouds that looked very cool . I was amazed how BIGHT things are this
far up in the sky , UFO's would so need Anti Glare Windows if they exist.

The meal was nice , you got to choose from two ,
so I choose the rice with lamb , which I needed a bib for since
half ended over my new clean white shirt . We were up the back in the
middle row and Rob was put in the middle as he was the tallest.
(Both Rob and Mick are over 6 foot and im the small one ,
yet when we got to Japan I was tall compared to the locals)

The in flight movie seemed boring , something that I would watch on a Sunday
thou but it was a very used VHS tape on old bad quality small CRTs, but the
food definaly made up for it , tip , NEVER try to have a cupa tea while
in turbiance (its sorta like balancing the cup in the unbalanced ocean)

We arrived at Port Mosbey Airport for our Plane swap over intermission .
Ive officaly been to another Country now , just just Australia (YAY)

Port Mosbey was Interesting stop over , the area seemed like Nimbin to me
but it was VERY VREY HOT (Yes more hot then Brisbane) no shortage of hills
and mountains and I saw a few fires on the way to the air port.

I got singled out in the International wait zone and I thought I was in
the crap (Not even in Japan and arrested) but it was a system in place
to increase the amount of people getting processed . It helps being the
last in line sometimes :-)

The International waiting lounge wasnt that flashy but it had an simple
shop that sold some items (Cold water, cold cans of coke company drinks ,
cigs , tourist stuff , etc) This shop had a sign saying they accepted
AU Money, Japan YEN and Local Keno currency (Guess what two counties come
this air port a lot). Robs little brother Mick bought a drink from the
Tourist shop with Yen and converted it to Keno
(They didnt give yen change) What was cool about the drink that it had
Made in PNG on it (Papa New Guini),
he then offered some Keno to Rob and I to buy can drink .

I bought an Pineapple Fanta
(Yes it does sound and taste as cool as its labeled).
*** PICS HERE **

We then waited a little while and then got directed to the air plane for
Nirita (JAPAN) , this plane had cool little bits on the wings but we had to
go from the walk way arch , down stairs , to outside in direct sunlight and
ohh boy was it freaking hot , the hot was bought to you from made in PNG .

The next plane had fancy LCD screens to watch this really cool movie with
Sandra Bullock (Yes I'm a sucker for movies with her in it).
I managed to hear the whole movie , then later on killed the headphones ,
the seats were not fat bastard people friendly in this plane.
On the topic of extra large compared to japan people size ,
I doubt my Flatmate Ivan or a person I know Big Jeff could fit in the air plane
toilet , OMFG it was small and cramped .

I used a napkin as a bib this time to avoid any more mess , the meal we all
those was steak n potatoes, which was yummy , along with free juice , free water
and free tea and we scored a free mars bar (Not made in PNG , but made in AU)


Coming into Japan for the 40 min descent , we were looking out our window
and Mick was like , ohh I think I can see boats with lights it wasn't until
a little later on , I choose to look at the other side of the plane window
and could actually see LAND with a TRUCKLOAD of pretty lights (other side pretty ++)
The pretty lights got boring after a while and I thought are we their yet .

It took about an Hour to get thou immigration and customs but with 10 minutes to
spare we all managed to find our luggage , get down stairs to the Japan Rail Pass
Centre Shop (Swaps Coupon for Pass) and the nice lady allowed us to book the Nirita
to Osaka Train Ride. We ended up getting the Rail Pass to start tomorrow (31 Jan)
for 2 weeks .

I (Charlie) managed to nab a free booklet on our adventure thou the airport and
we asked the JPN rail pass lady for food court .

So it was on level 4 , we headed up to only find out the food court and 99% of the place actually closes up around the time we wanted a feed . For the next few hrs we got shuffled around , no you cant be in this area , go their , until we got to Exit Number 3
down the bottom on the main exit floor which had a row of green local pay phones and 2
100 yen internet computers and a free information touch screen gizmo.

Toilets and Bathrooms are interesting to say the least .
3 models of Toilets in the Men's room:
Normal western without fancy buttons or squish water to your bottom at normal height.
Normal Western but mod'ed in a slightly odd shape with buttons and arse warmer .
Japan style that's built into the floor
The water basin is all touch sensor so the water and soap comes out via sensor (healthy)
The dry your hands by air thing is a bit different and using COLD AIR not HOT and it blows like 100x faster its like a blow job to get the germs away.

We had several people come over to us and check out pass ports , police and
security guards. We all ended up getting some sleep on the air port lounge
seats which were comfy once you added coats as a pillow .
Its a shame the Airport doesn't have free wi-fi in this area .

AT 5:21 AM more lights came on in the whole level and
it looked like they opened the exit doors. Then about 10 mins
later a whole bunch of people quickly swarmed into the airport
and disappeared into locked doors (I'm guessing they were access doors for staff)

The Airport does have showers but this costs 500 yen for 30 min's of use ,
is it only me or should this be a free service and should be opened till at
least 1am ? it closes at 21:00 , considering we got the JR stuff done at 21:20 ,
their goes having a shower.


Well the plan is for tomorrow (31st)

- Place gets shops open at 06:30 and we probably are allowed to move around freely then ,
since we have guards making sure we stay in our little constricted area atm

- Find somewhere that sells a nice warm cup of tea ( The one in the vending machine didn't look that great and the vending machine didn't seem that easy to operate compare to the that I got the yummy fruit drink off when we first got here )

- Find Soft Bank Mobile Phone Shop , apparently they open at 6.30 am ish
on level BF1 of the Nirita Airport 2

- Level 3F . free wi-fi access 7am onwards

- Get Train from Airport to Osaka

- Get to Hotel , rest , pass out


Here is a map of Japan , during our Stay we will be in Tokyo , Osaka and sapporo

Yes I will post photo's later on when I don't feel so tired .

Count down for Japan Feb 2010 Trip

Countdown for Japan Feb 2010 Trip

Leaving Brisbane , Queensland , Australia at 09:30 AM , 30th Jan 2010 to Japan

Arriving in Japan at Narita International Airport around 10:00 PM (30/01/2010)

Things I want to see :

* Akihabara
* Yodabashi in Tokyo's Shinjuku district, reputed to be the biggest camera store in the world
* Undersea shoping centre
* Horshima
* Temple post at sea
* Hot springs
* Tokyo Tower
* Maid cafes (Akihabara & Yokohama)
* Imperial Palace
* Tokyo National Museum
* Ueno Zoo
* Flea markets in Osaka -
* Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (Osaka) AU$25 / Yen 2000
* Fujifilm Square -
* Statue of Liberty in Tokyo
* Plants grown underground -
* Megaweb - Cars on display -
* Monkey Park in Arashiyama (Osaka)
* Nissin (Cup of Noodles company) Visit its plant and make your own noodles
* Tsukiji Fish Market. Tsukiji is one of the biggest fish markets in the world.
* Snow festival -
* Harajuku - maids , school girls , cosplay , 'Store My Ducks' store ,
Harajuku ( Harajuku Station on the Yamanote Line in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan. Every Sunday, young people dressed in a variety of styles including gothic lolita, visual kei, and decora, as well as cosplayers spend the day in Harajuku socializing.)
* Anime centre -
* Shibuya

Charliebrownau File server Rebuild - Nov 2009

Today was Step 2 in the File Server rebuild
Step 1 was moving the old 478 system + Drives into new case)

Today I installed and upgraded the server from Socket 478 to 775.
Before I hear all the screaming people "But i5 with it's new socket type is out"
Yes I know but I couldnt find a motherboard I liked on 775 and the CPU's cost a truckload.

Server went from an:

* Asus Socket 478 Motherboard with Intel 3.00 ghz Prescott CPU
Asus P5q Deluxe 775 Motherboard with 2.8GHZ Duel Core CPU (E6300)

* It went from having 512 meg of RAM to now having 4 gig of Duel Channel Twin Pack Geil EvoONE 1066 DDR2 RAM

* It went from using an IDE Drive as the OS drive to using an Kingston SSD 64 gig Drive

* It went from using an AGP Nvidia Geforce4mx440-se 8x 64 video card to
an ATI 3650 512MB PCI-Express video card with VGA/DVI/HDMI+HDMI Audio.

* It went from having an ICH5 Intel SATA1 onboard Controller (2 drives)
to now supporting Onboard ICH10 Intel SATA2 onboard (6 drives) + 2 extra sata that are raid only
(In my 2010 upgrade Ill get PCI express SATA3/SATA2 Raid 6 hardware addon card)

* It has gone from Windows 2003 Custom Nlited 32 bit to Windows 2003 SP2 R2 Stock 64bit OS


Will post photos later on ( I really need a digital camera instead of using the webcam on lappy)