New Anime - Kaichō wa Maid-sama! (April 2010)

Today (Tuesday 06 April 2010) I came across a new anime series subbed in XviD by [Eclipse]
its called Kaichō wa Maid-sama! Which translates into The Student Council President is a Maid!

My info about the series:
Its an series based around the high school a nd the president of a class keeping the males in line , which ends up becoming a maid at a maid cafe to earn more money to help her family since her dad ran out with huge debts.

Info from Wiki:
The story is about Misaki Ayuzawa, the smart, beautiful and hardworking Student Council President of Seika High School who has turn her once all-boys now co-ed school from a very dirty, indiscipline school to a clean, proper school for the girls learning there which has most of the male student populace fear her as a boy hating, head strong disciplinarian while the teachers and female student populace see her as their shining hope and hero. However, she has a dark secret that her school doesn't know as she secretly works part-time at a maid cafe in order to support her family.

Unfortunately, her secret is found out by Usui Takumi, a boy at her school who she finds annoying due to his odd attitude yet is well like by the girls at their school, due to his looks, smarts and is one of the few "good boys" of Seika High School. Despite her fears, he doesn't reveal her secret to the school but instead takes an interest of her. What follows is the growing relationship and eventually, romance between Misaki and Usui.

I really find this first ep enjoyable and look forward to the next.
I recommend anyone that enjoys english subbed anime to watch it.
Being in XviD it works streamed to an Xbox360 and PS3 also.
Its a shame the subbed one wasnt available on AU TV like SBS HD,
ohh well, thats what fansubs are for I guess.



Charliebrownau Japan Trip - (Saturday 13 Feb 2010) [Last Day + Airport]

Saturday Morning
I woke up ro Robs iphone alarm at 7:00 AM
having about 4 hrs of sleep and a rather crappy
sleep I kept on waking up and rolling over in bed
and feeling hot in the room.

Mick and rob got back to the room the night before
(Friday Night , feeling crap and moneyless ,
get woken up by bang bang on door)

and they decided to pack the suit cases from 10pm to
midnight instead of having a EARLY SLEEP and doing it
in the morning after breakfast

So anyway they wanted to goto Akihabara (Im so sick of typing
that places name) and I needed to find Skimpy girl figures for
a person back in Brisbane .

We got seperated in "geek town" I found the models and cleaned
out the bottom glass shelf stock.

I couldn't find the place that sold bleach cards

I did find another few maid girls (cute)
and a nice cheap curry place that was 450 yen
for curry + pork + rice and free water (Last paided lunch in Japan)

Ahhh btw on Saturday Morning I found a 100 buck yen note at
the hotel in my bag . BINGO RICH (reason i went shopping)

We all meet back at the hotel , I arrived first (2pm)
just after when Rob came back I passed out on lobby seats
(apprently I snore , Ive never heard myself snore)
and we all left we mick turned up at 5pm .

We all had our luggage kept at the hotel so we didnt carry all heavy
luggage around the town on our last few hours
We managed to get the correct train to tokyo central
then the nirita express (Thanks to a nice food trolley lady that pointed
out it was the one on the OTHER SIDE were we were waiting)
I suggested getting the PLATFORM number off the JR ticket person
but does anyone listen to me , ohh noes , charlie doesnt know anything

Anyway we got the train , got the plane and headed home okay
I dont remember much of the sleep as it was much sleepies
and food and OJ and getting off and on.

I do remember rude asians at PNG that dont follow the PROPER
line up in a line concept which annoyed me (Good time to tazzer them)

I had a mate of mine pick me up from Brisbane airport in my CAR
which was handy and now im home , still feeling a bit crap
from the off-sick feeling I had on Friday
and now heat . Hopefully few next days ill be my normal self again


Thanks to everyone that read my blog

Thanks to Rob and Mick that put up with me in Japan for 2 weeks

Greets goes out to everyone I meet in Japan from Australia and USA and JP

Friday - AKIHABARA / Roppongi

Today I have planned:

(Day Time)
AKIHABARA - Shopping

(Night Time)
Roppongi - Get Drunk with "nice" Roppongi girls at a Pub/Club

Nothing goes to plan over here
(BTW I went the wrong line again from Akihabara ,
I got the yamato line loop instead of the chuo

Im home at 3.30 pm and I have 1000 yen to my name (About $11 AU)

I SPENT TOO MUCH , its a case of the ohh noes .

Would like to find a club with no cover charge 4 tonight
in the mean time warm cupa and warm shower !

I really wanted to go to RYOGOKU and see sumos but the boys didnt

So we all went to Akihabara shop.

I bought presents for people today

I bought two Bleach PS2 games for myself

I bought two old PS1 games for myself

I went to the arcades with boys and tired:
Sega "Border Break" , I had to spend 300 yen to buy a card
then 100 yen for a go only to find out the tutorial mode counts
as a go (CRAP)

I put 100 yen into a machine that was spoze to spit out a bleach
card instead it just ate my money , rob tired but it ate his 100 yen coin too.
200 yen 4 free

I tired a MAID CAFE , the girl on the street spoke really good english
and was happy and chripy but seemed cold (Hey it was bloody cold in Akihabara)
(I'm sure she would of been warmer in my hotel room)

So I spent about 1900 yen for Tea and Cheese cake and was rather let down by the
whole experince , no dancing , no singing , no "ahhhhhh master"

I then meet back up with the boys at the Sega aracade building and we went
to Sofmap , its a PC store that has truckloads of cool stuff to buy
When your a oktu with too much money and no girl friend

FRAK The bloody cleaners have done it again
They have thrown out my chopsticks that I use for stiring sugar in my tea cup

Might call it a night and have a early sleep

Thursday - Im sick , Stay in bed day - Update: Went out for Dinner

Thursday - I'm sick , Stay in bed day.
Had a runny nose .

Mick and Rob came back from the Snow

It's been raining most of today in Tokyo City

I tired to find :
Akasaka's Kushinobō for kushiyaki (deep-fried skewers)


But Failed , instead went to some Indian Restrant and paided
20 bucks for a really nice meal .


Tired a new drink called lisse or something , yummy :-)

Back at Hotel , I managed to get the train (Subway) to and back
without stuffing up (YAY)

Aircon room is REALLY HOT, going to have a shower and sleepies
for shopping tomorrow

No Photos today

(no subject)

Japan Progress - I went to den den town today (There and back over 1000km)
, checked out Asian fish market , my second 100 yen store and pc shop's ,
managed to find a 8 floor Adult DVD store that I could fit into
(I lost count hour many mins I was in there (Didnt buy anything [honest]),
geeze its 10pm already and im just having dinner , helps if you dont go 20
mins in the wrong direction from Tokyo central.

It was raining on the way home [hotel] and its (Apparently to Linux 7
degrees outside). A warm cup of tea has never felt so good.
I'm really glad I bought milk from the 24 hr store and bought Australian
tea bags for my trip !

I managed to get a map of Den Den town while having my second ramen today
(Honestly how does one eat two or more bowls of the stuff ??) but it was
all in Japanese and didn't help , Lucky I stumped across a shopping building
with a train icon to go back to Shin Osaka.

Meet a nice asian lady that lives with an english (UK) guy in Bryon Bay (NSW)
Its amazing how many Australians are over here !

Meet an American working here as an English teacher that helped me find the
correct subway platform (Thanks!)

Managed to find some TY DVD-R's today and surprisly that weren't that much
cheaper then discs are home (Depressing) bought the no name one
and it was about 7000 yen cheaper then the "Thats" TY native brand
I'm really glad the asian guy new what Tayo Yuton/TY dvds was in english.

Ohh one thing I noticed about the trains here compared to in Brisbane
is each cartridge has FOUR doors in Japan and in Brisbane its TWO.

I managed to get a few gifts for people today and the ipod thing that
someone i know requested

Time for sleepies

NFI Whats going to happen Thurs/Fri but its probly going to be local !
Not 500 k away

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 10 (08 Feb 2010) [Recovery/Commbank Travel Card/Local Area]

Last Night I managed to sleep in Robs Bed since He and Mick were up at the Snow
IT WAS AWESOME sleeping in a "normal" bed and not the mega unconformable sofa bed
that I always feel like Im going to slip off and fall on the floor.

Last Night I woke up half way thou the night with a ultra bad tooth ache
I took one of the new purchased pain killers, and it worked like a treat .

I woke up at 9:50 AM (Breakfast ends at 10:00 AM) , I quickly headed downstairs
like their was no tomorrow for free western Breakfast (Bacon/Egg/Salad/Tea/OJ)

I have now located in by Port were the Comm Bank "Travel Card" is and the
information needed to withdrawl local yen currency from it
(I only have 3500 yen left ,basically 30 bucks au)

The Hotel in Tokyo were are staying in is called "Centre of Asia"
it is located in Minato part of Tokyo , really close to the Imperial Royal Home
Imperial Place and all the International embassy's

I managed to goto the "JR Bank" which is right beside the "JR Post Office"
The JR Bank has a few International ATMS with the Master Card picture.
So anyone travelling to Japan , Can I suggest using a Master Card Debit Card
or CommBank Travel Card "MasterCard" with yen already converted in it.

I now got out 36000 yen (About 460 dollars Australian)
Good thing about this CommBank Travel card is people in Australia can
bpay AU money into it and then its already yen.

I am going to try a Linux Simple Instant Messager client called "Emesene"
which is a scaled down simple clone of msn and doesnt have webcam support
They mention if you want webcam support try linux's aMSN instead.

(Update: Installed Emesene , works fine , it got me connected to MSN)

For Dinner I went down stairs to the Hotels cafe and tired stampra
OMFG YUK Bit more expensive then I wanted to pay for a meal.

Im off to Odaiba tommorow (Tuesday) then Wed is Den Den Town
and back to Shin Osaka (I like that area)

I feel that day I went in the wrong way killed my chance to got Kobe
its just to far from Tokyo.

I am going to really feel it when I get back to Australia .
I am now in the Habbit of going to bed around 9.30-10ish PM
and getting up around 7am.

Going back to Bed at 9AM waking up at 7-8 pm IF its not a billion
degress and I get woken up by noise Im not looking forward.
Great thing about japan is its cold , no need for air con to cool
down , few more sheets and your warm.

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 09 (07 Feb 2010) [Shibuya/Harajuku]

Today is Sunday
Now using Linux and Facebook is crashing a truckload
Maybe Wine/Firefox/Facebook or all).

Rob and Mick left for Snow Festival this morning.

I meet a girl Ive been chatting to a while online that lives in Tokyo .
Her name is Keiko , we went to Shibuya and Harajuku and Meiji shrine.

Shibuya is the trendy fashion place , its also "one of the Special
wards of Tokyo"
I saw a lot of cute girls and a heap of shoe shops , this place is
basically woman's shopping dream.

Saw dog statue that is famous (woof woof), his name Hachikō

Experinced scramble crossing , honestly it wasn't as bad as the
ones in Brisbane CBD just it was in a larger mass area and
probably more organized (maybe)

We then went to Harajuku .

Another busy shopping district this one more suited for guys
and girls and general stuff , little amount of female stuff.

I experinced my first 100 yen store , people packed to the
rafters trying to get in.

With my nice local female friend I managed to goto a chemist
and buy Headache Painkillers that didnt have asprin in them :-)
*** THANK YOU ***

Then we headed the bridge that has COS PLAY GIRLS (blood nose).
Suprising their wasnt as many as I hoped for but , suprisly their
was Australian cosplay girls.Got photos with girls and groups of
cosplayers , incudling sailermoon girl.

We headed across the road to check out Meiji Shrin, its surrounded
by a 700,000-square-meter forest (Made me felt like I was back in
Australia or the gardens in Brisbane CBD)

While in the Shrine area we were really lucky to see a trational
wedding in progress that had guards blocking it off but I scored
photos .

**** LUCKY DANCE ****

**** LUCKY DANCE ****

On the way to the ticket machine to get the train back to the hotel ,
the local girl I was with got asked directions from some french people ,
so they tagged along with me and her (until she parted but showed us
both the line to get) . I gave a Koala to the french women.

Saw quite a few trucks with speakers trying to spam different stuff
and took photos of a few vendening machines aswell.

Hotel rooms in Japan , Tokyo so need better walls , theirs a lot of banging by kids
next room awake at 11:25pm , goto sleep you little so and so's .

Saturday Night [Feb 07] Windows is broken on my laptop

Hello ,

Well after a rough day on Saturday I come home to find that Windows has borked itself ,
which is a problem as I as using the Wireless N built in card to share the Internet for
Robs iPhone and Robs laptop

***** PANIC ***

***** STRESS ***

Tired a few things , booted in Linux and it works fine , but Linux being user newbie
un friendly and Ubuntu is missing an ICS (Internet Connecting Sharing) wizzard
I couldnt share Internet via wireless . But I did managed to copy the documents to my
USB 640 gig office works hard drive .

I am currently using Wine (Windows emulator) to run Miranda IM and Firefox Portable
(which is in E drive on the laptop , were the C drive is broken). For the most part
Firefox works okay , the fonts a bit odd and with Livejournal I have to use HTML mode
not rich text mode.

Im taking more and more photos , so don't worry people you will see them evently.

Ohh I bought a few things yesterday , I now have presents for :
Adverse effects,
Bryan (flatmate)

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 08 (06 Feb 2010) [Sony/Toy]

Brief, Today was :
* Rapongi Hills Shopping ,
* 52nd floor viewing ,
* Sony Product Building
* Famous Toy Store
* Akibuhura (geek Town)
* Broken Laptop
* Looking at Maid girls in the street (cute)
* Buying presents
* Looking for a Mini LED Projector (Still haven't found one)
* Bought myself a small wired USB tiny mouse with a blue
led light for use with my small tiny laptop


Today was full and busy , we (Rob/Mick/Myself) headed out about 10 am

First we went to Rapongo Hills which I thought was the Brothel /
Red Light District infact its an upper class Business District .
Buildings were flashy , heaps of evervators and escalors
(yay no stairs).

We got a Tax to it from the intersection of our street near the hotel
which managed to hail and inderacte we wanted one.

** photo of Taxi in Japan **

** Photo of Rapongi Hills area **

Rob wanted to exchange Travelers checks that were in yen to yen
notes in this building (Reason to goto Rapongi Hills).

While Rob was doing that Mick found three vending machines around
the corner.

** photo of vending machines **

** photo of vending machines **

** photo of vending machines **

We all bought the same drink which was some fruity engery drink

** photo of drink ** (yummy)

Then we walked around checking out shops , till we stumbled across on
floor 3 , their was a sign saying oberserviation deck.

We then went from the 3rd floor to the 52nd floor (CRAZYNESS !!!)

Cutting this post short , as I am meeting a facebook girl
that Lives in Japan and she arrives soon. Ill update this (yesterdays stuff)
and todays going ons , tonight

Post comments , I love comments from Australians