CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

New Gadgets (11 May 2010)

Im looking into buying a few new gadgets .

New monitor , Webcam with Mic (Mic needed for online/LAN gaming commication).

Why new monitor , it allows me to connect my gaming PC , File Server , Xbox360
and PS2 to a single screen . Free'ing up the 22" Asus old screen for my spare P4
desktop gaming box for visitors to use . The current setup is a PS2 KVM which lags
on steam games and the mouse locks up for a moment (not good when people are shooting at you)

The Screen is an Asus MT276H (27" / 68cm LCD 1080p Monitor)

and webcam is an Logitech QuickCam Sphere MP AF
(Webcam with mic and movement tracking)
I have nicknamed the cam the Stalker cam , because it follows you around the room.

Umart ( listed the webcam but its out of stock and provide
no pre order option on the Eight Mile Plains store.

19 July 2010

I bought the 27" Monitor , Webcam and an Logictech G19 Keyboard.
Webcam is AWESOME as an gaming mic and skype chatting
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