CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

Apple iPad - No I won't be buying one

Apple iPad - No I won't be buying one

Everyones going on about the iPad like its the best thing since choclate.
Personaly I dont see it as anything to find worth spending wads of money on
nor am I fussed with any over priced apple hardware with missing features
(or locked firmware out features that need a custom hacked firmware to enable eg iphone)

Details on the ipad
or here

My info about the Ipad:
In short its an electronic ebook that runs simular to a netbook
(small screen , low end cpu , no floppy/optical , etc but its touch screen)
but its over priced , has DRM , probly wont work with CHM or PDF for ebooks
May work with .txt , probly wont be able to read Open Office documents .
Play with MP3s or OGG , probly not .
Play XviD with AC3 or MP3 sound , probly not .
Run Windows or Linux or normal Mac open source software , probly not .

Then again lets just wait till the local AU release and see how it difference in price
and features compared to the already released USA edition.
Tags: anti apple, drm, hype, ipad, mac osx
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