CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - (Saturday 13 Feb 2010) [Last Day + Airport]

Saturday Morning
I woke up ro Robs iphone alarm at 7:00 AM
having about 4 hrs of sleep and a rather crappy
sleep I kept on waking up and rolling over in bed
and feeling hot in the room.

Mick and rob got back to the room the night before
(Friday Night , feeling crap and moneyless ,
get woken up by bang bang on door)

and they decided to pack the suit cases from 10pm to
midnight instead of having a EARLY SLEEP and doing it
in the morning after breakfast

So anyway they wanted to goto Akihabara (Im so sick of typing
that places name) and I needed to find Skimpy girl figures for
a person back in Brisbane .

We got seperated in "geek town" I found the models and cleaned
out the bottom glass shelf stock.

I couldn't find the place that sold bleach cards

I did find another few maid girls (cute)
and a nice cheap curry place that was 450 yen
for curry + pork + rice and free water (Last paided lunch in Japan)

Ahhh btw on Saturday Morning I found a 100 buck yen note at
the hotel in my bag . BINGO RICH (reason i went shopping)

We all meet back at the hotel , I arrived first (2pm)
just after when Rob came back I passed out on lobby seats
(apprently I snore , Ive never heard myself snore)
and we all left we mick turned up at 5pm .

We all had our luggage kept at the hotel so we didnt carry all heavy
luggage around the town on our last few hours
We managed to get the correct train to tokyo central
then the nirita express (Thanks to a nice food trolley lady that pointed
out it was the one on the OTHER SIDE were we were waiting)
I suggested getting the PLATFORM number off the JR ticket person
but does anyone listen to me , ohh noes , charlie doesnt know anything

Anyway we got the train , got the plane and headed home okay
I dont remember much of the sleep as it was much sleepies
and food and OJ and getting off and on.

I do remember rude asians at PNG that dont follow the PROPER
line up in a line concept which annoyed me (Good time to tazzer them)

I had a mate of mine pick me up from Brisbane airport in my CAR
which was handy and now im home , still feeling a bit crap
from the off-sick feeling I had on Friday
and now heat . Hopefully few next days ill be my normal self again


Thanks to everyone that read my blog

Thanks to Rob and Mick that put up with me in Japan for 2 weeks

Greets goes out to everyone I meet in Japan from Australia and USA and JP
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