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Fri, Feb. 12th, 2010, 05:30 pm
Friday - AKIHABARA / Roppongi

Today I have planned:

(Day Time)
AKIHABARA - Shopping

(Night Time)
Roppongi - Get Drunk with "nice" Roppongi girls at a Pub/Club

Nothing goes to plan over here
(BTW I went the wrong line again from Akihabara ,
I got the yamato line loop instead of the chuo

Im home at 3.30 pm and I have 1000 yen to my name (About $11 AU)

I SPENT TOO MUCH , its a case of the ohh noes .

Would like to find a club with no cover charge 4 tonight
in the mean time warm cupa and warm shower !

I really wanted to go to RYOGOKU and see sumos but the boys didnt

So we all went to Akihabara shop.

I bought presents for people today

I bought two Bleach PS2 games for myself

I bought two old PS1 games for myself

I went to the arcades with boys and tired:
Sega "Border Break" , I had to spend 300 yen to buy a card
then 100 yen for a go only to find out the tutorial mode counts
as a go (CRAP)

I put 100 yen into a machine that was spoze to spit out a bleach
card instead it just ate my money , rob tired but it ate his 100 yen coin too.
200 yen 4 free

I tired a MAID CAFE , the girl on the street spoke really good english
and was happy and chripy but seemed cold (Hey it was bloody cold in Akihabara)
(I'm sure she would of been warmer in my hotel room)

So I spent about 1900 yen for Tea and Cheese cake and was rather let down by the
whole experince , no dancing , no singing , no "ahhhhhh master"

I then meet back up with the boys at the Sega aracade building and we went
to Sofmap , its a PC store that has truckloads of cool stuff to buy
When your a oktu with too much money and no girl friend

FRAK The bloody cleaners have done it again
They have thrown out my chopsticks that I use for stiring sugar in my tea cup

Might call it a night and have a early sleep

Sun, Feb. 14th, 2010 12:30 pm (UTC)

Yeah I was conned by segaworld... little did i know that with a skill tester you can only move up/down and left/right once. Y400 down the drain as I was trying to maneouver the hands gradually over the toy. BAHHHHH.

Sun, Feb. 14th, 2010 12:39 pm (UTC)

Yeah . Skill testers are rigged in any country to rob you of coins
as were the bleach 100 yen machines GRRR

I ended up buying my own stitch since skill tester was epic fail