CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

Japan Progress - I went to den den town today (There and back over 1000km)
, checked out Asian fish market , my second 100 yen store and pc shop's ,
managed to find a 8 floor Adult DVD store that I could fit into
(I lost count hour many mins I was in there (Didnt buy anything [honest]),
geeze its 10pm already and im just having dinner , helps if you dont go 20
mins in the wrong direction from Tokyo central.

It was raining on the way home [hotel] and its (Apparently to Linux 7
degrees outside). A warm cup of tea has never felt so good.
I'm really glad I bought milk from the 24 hr store and bought Australian
tea bags for my trip !

I managed to get a map of Den Den town while having my second ramen today
(Honestly how does one eat two or more bowls of the stuff ??) but it was
all in Japanese and didn't help , Lucky I stumped across a shopping building
with a train icon to go back to Shin Osaka.

Meet a nice asian lady that lives with an english (UK) guy in Bryon Bay (NSW)
Its amazing how many Australians are over here !

Meet an American working here as an English teacher that helped me find the
correct subway platform (Thanks!)

Managed to find some TY DVD-R's today and surprisly that weren't that much
cheaper then discs are home (Depressing) bought the no name one
and it was about 7000 yen cheaper then the "Thats" TY native brand
I'm really glad the asian guy new what Tayo Yuton/TY dvds was in english.

Ohh one thing I noticed about the trains here compared to in Brisbane
is each cartridge has FOUR doors in Japan and in Brisbane its TWO.

I managed to get a few gifts for people today and the ipod thing that
someone i know requested

Time for sleepies

NFI Whats going to happen Thurs/Fri but its probly going to be local !
Not 500 k away
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