CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 10 (08 Feb 2010) [Recovery/Commbank Travel Card/Local Area]

Last Night I managed to sleep in Robs Bed since He and Mick were up at the Snow
IT WAS AWESOME sleeping in a "normal" bed and not the mega unconformable sofa bed
that I always feel like Im going to slip off and fall on the floor.

Last Night I woke up half way thou the night with a ultra bad tooth ache
I took one of the new purchased pain killers, and it worked like a treat .

I woke up at 9:50 AM (Breakfast ends at 10:00 AM) , I quickly headed downstairs
like their was no tomorrow for free western Breakfast (Bacon/Egg/Salad/Tea/OJ)

I have now located in by Port were the Comm Bank "Travel Card" is and the
information needed to withdrawl local yen currency from it
(I only have 3500 yen left ,basically 30 bucks au)

The Hotel in Tokyo were are staying in is called "Centre of Asia"
it is located in Minato part of Tokyo , really close to the Imperial Royal Home
Imperial Place and all the International embassy's

I managed to goto the "JR Bank" which is right beside the "JR Post Office"
The JR Bank has a few International ATMS with the Master Card picture.
So anyone travelling to Japan , Can I suggest using a Master Card Debit Card
or CommBank Travel Card "MasterCard" with yen already converted in it.

I now got out 36000 yen (About 460 dollars Australian)
Good thing about this CommBank Travel card is people in Australia can
bpay AU money into it and then its already yen.

I am going to try a Linux Simple Instant Messager client called "Emesene"
which is a scaled down simple clone of msn and doesnt have webcam support
They mention if you want webcam support try linux's aMSN instead.

(Update: Installed Emesene , works fine , it got me connected to MSN)

For Dinner I went down stairs to the Hotels cafe and tired stampra
OMFG YUK Bit more expensive then I wanted to pay for a meal.

Im off to Odaiba tommorow (Tuesday) then Wed is Den Den Town
and back to Shin Osaka (I like that area)

I feel that day I went in the wrong way killed my chance to got Kobe
its just to far from Tokyo.

I am going to really feel it when I get back to Australia .
I am now in the Habbit of going to bed around 9.30-10ish PM
and getting up around 7am.

Going back to Bed at 9AM waking up at 7-8 pm IF its not a billion
degress and I get woken up by noise Im not looking forward.
Great thing about japan is its cold , no need for air con to cool
down , few more sheets and your warm.
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