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Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 09 (07 Feb 2010) [Shibuya/Harajuku]

Today is Sunday
Now using Linux and Facebook is crashing a truckload
Maybe Wine/Firefox/Facebook or all).

Rob and Mick left for Snow Festival this morning.

I meet a girl Ive been chatting to a while online that lives in Tokyo .
Her name is Keiko , we went to Shibuya and Harajuku and Meiji shrine.

Shibuya is the trendy fashion place , its also "one of the Special
wards of Tokyo"
I saw a lot of cute girls and a heap of shoe shops , this place is
basically woman's shopping dream.

Saw dog statue that is famous (woof woof), his name Hachikō

Experinced scramble crossing , honestly it wasn't as bad as the
ones in Brisbane CBD just it was in a larger mass area and
probably more organized (maybe)

We then went to Harajuku .

Another busy shopping district this one more suited for guys
and girls and general stuff , little amount of female stuff.

I experinced my first 100 yen store , people packed to the
rafters trying to get in.

With my nice local female friend I managed to goto a chemist
and buy Headache Painkillers that didnt have asprin in them :-)
*** THANK YOU ***

Then we headed the bridge that has COS PLAY GIRLS (blood nose).
Suprising their wasnt as many as I hoped for but , suprisly their
was Australian cosplay girls.Got photos with girls and groups of
cosplayers , incudling sailermoon girl.

We headed across the road to check out Meiji Shrin, its surrounded
by a 700,000-square-meter forest (Made me felt like I was back in
Australia or the gardens in Brisbane CBD)

While in the Shrine area we were really lucky to see a trational
wedding in progress that had guards blocking it off but I scored
photos .

**** LUCKY DANCE ****

**** LUCKY DANCE ****

On the way to the ticket machine to get the train back to the hotel ,
the local girl I was with got asked directions from some french people ,
so they tagged along with me and her (until she parted but showed us
both the line to get) . I gave a Koala to the french women.

Saw quite a few trucks with speakers trying to spam different stuff
and took photos of a few vendening machines aswell.

Hotel rooms in Japan , Tokyo so need better walls , theirs a lot of banging by kids
next room awake at 11:25pm , goto sleep you little so and so's .
Tags: busy, cosplay, cutie, good day, japan, shrine, tired, yen
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