CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 08 (06 Feb 2010) [Sony/Toy]

Brief, Today was :
* Rapongi Hills Shopping ,
* 52nd floor viewing ,
* Sony Product Building
* Famous Toy Store
* Akibuhura (geek Town)
* Broken Laptop
* Looking at Maid girls in the street (cute)
* Buying presents
* Looking for a Mini LED Projector (Still haven't found one)
* Bought myself a small wired USB tiny mouse with a blue
led light for use with my small tiny laptop


Today was full and busy , we (Rob/Mick/Myself) headed out about 10 am

First we went to Rapongo Hills which I thought was the Brothel /
Red Light District infact its an upper class Business District .
Buildings were flashy , heaps of evervators and escalors
(yay no stairs).

We got a Tax to it from the intersection of our street near the hotel
which managed to hail and inderacte we wanted one.

** photo of Taxi in Japan **

** Photo of Rapongi Hills area **

Rob wanted to exchange Travelers checks that were in yen to yen
notes in this building (Reason to goto Rapongi Hills).

While Rob was doing that Mick found three vending machines around
the corner.

** photo of vending machines **

** photo of vending machines **

** photo of vending machines **

We all bought the same drink which was some fruity engery drink

** photo of drink ** (yummy)

Then we walked around checking out shops , till we stumbled across on
floor 3 , their was a sign saying oberserviation deck.

We then went from the 3rd floor to the 52nd floor (CRAZYNESS !!!)

Cutting this post short , as I am meeting a facebook girl
that Lives in Japan and she arrives soon. Ill update this (yesterdays stuff)
and todays going ons , tonight

Post comments , I love comments from Australians

Tags: japan, linux, windows
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