CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

Saturday Night [Feb 07] Windows is broken on my laptop

Hello ,

Well after a rough day on Saturday I come home to find that Windows has borked itself ,
which is a problem as I as using the Wireless N built in card to share the Internet for
Robs iPhone and Robs laptop

***** PANIC ***

***** STRESS ***

Tired a few things , booted in Linux and it works fine , but Linux being user newbie
un friendly and Ubuntu is missing an ICS (Internet Connecting Sharing) wizzard
I couldnt share Internet via wireless . But I did managed to copy the documents to my
USB 640 gig office works hard drive .

I am currently using Wine (Windows emulator) to run Miranda IM and Firefox Portable
(which is in E drive on the laptop , were the C drive is broken). For the most part
Firefox works okay , the fonts a bit odd and with Livejournal I have to use HTML mode
not rich text mode.

Im taking more and more photos , so don't worry people you will see them evently.

Ohh I bought a few things yesterday , I now have presents for :
Adverse effects,
Bryan (flatmate)
Tags: windy yesterday
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