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Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 07 (05 Feb 2010) [Ueno zoo]

After a nightmare night of finding the hotel , I was VERY SORE AND TIRED .
I went down stairs for free breakie at the flashy hard to find hotel , more westerners in this place.
(Tokyo lots of westerners , osaka and hiroshima you are like hello kitty , everyone points/stares
and talks about you)

Talking about "Hello Kitty" mick was mentioning in Osaka he wanted to know
"what the time was" all the time (lol try translating that) , I suggested he buy a hello kitty watch ,
so when I got to Tokyo guess what he found in tokyo , a HELLO KITTY WATCH (ohh yes OMFG)

So after charging camera battery and laptop and sorting out bagage , mick and I worked out
which trains to get to goto Zoo and things to do in Ueno . I packed my bag with some stuff.
Then we left the hotel , it wasnt till I got close to the JR free train station that I worked out
hang on im light , FRAK , I left the Little bag behind in the Hotel , doey bitch !!!
I had my passport , JR pass , yen money and camera and free kolas , so that would have to do.

We went from the JR train station close to the hotel to Akibhura (geek town) train station
, then from it to Ueno, all went pretty well.

** Photo **

I saw some anime signs displaying ads for games on NDS at Akibhura train station:

** Photo **

** photo **

We managed to walk to the zoo which was well signed okay without needing to much help.
Before the zoo entrance their was a nice water thingy (See pic)

BTW This is the URL for the zoo if anyone is interested:

** photo **

Both Mick and I got our pic taken in front of cool garden animal thingy (see pic)

We saw lots of animals in the first half of the area , which had cute little wood
eating dog things , which had wigglying tails and also nibbled on wood

We saw various Monkeys , American Biason , etc then we headed onto the zoo's monorail
with primary school sized seats

When we got off the monorail we got a card for stamps then we noticed were the locals
were stamping and the right area on the card to stamp (yay stamping is fun)

we then saw penguins (my first ever , another japan first)

There was one really doey one that was singled out of the crowd
that wasnt to bright he couldnt work out how to get up the little area from
water to land, took him about 15 mins.

Near them was Kangaroos , they looked bored as (a lot of animals did)
lots of other animals , and lots of photos taken , I evently caught up with mick
that wandered off byhimself and got over charged by zoo rice sushi lunch prices
and we headed back for a second ride on the mono rail and to the exit for a stamp
that said , we have been to zoo (yay second stamp)

We then checked out the local shops which sold even more over priced and not
that appealing food and saw a few signs to brothels and headed back to a JR
free train station (410 metres) and headed back to Akibhura , were mick helped
me get the right connection for the hotel JR free train station and he went shopping
in Akibhura


Once I got off train sation I managed to see a sign saying shops upstairs , so
I checked it out , a MEGA EXPENSIVE pasta place , like 15 au bucks for a SMALL
TINY plate of spagetti . Bugger that . Next

I found a chemist/drug store thta sold an Australian almost type of fanta
(that tasted bloody good) for 100 yen , just what I needed .

** photo **
Then I found outside the train station a little shop tucked away like 7-11
for AU$10 i bought two hot bits of chicken and two bowls of soup
and two salads in containers (trust me that was a bargin buy)

** photo **

** photo **

** photo **

Talked to kerra a bit after we banged on the door during a relaxing bath to
relax the soreness and we watch a bit of japanese free tv and bbc world
news in english and fell asleep.

I dont know what is planed for Saturday but Sunday I am meeting a local
girl off facebook.

I forgot to mention but on Friday morning , I met some Australian tourists at 
the bottom of the lobby.
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