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Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 06 (04 Feb 2010) [Water Shrine]

Day 06 - Part 1 - Shrine

I woke up around 7am (might of been 8am) Japan has multiple time zones
but I managed to make it for western style breakfast.

I organised a few things , like packing my bags and stored it in the "baggage" room
(Which was free to use , phew) checked a few things online and headed off using
FREEBIE JR BLUE BUS (never knock back free)

So Hostel to bus station at bottom of hill
JR blue bus to main JR train station
Private non JR train (cost 570 yen) to Shrine place mainland
Get off Shrine place main land train station , see sign that displays pay here for ferry
(Sweet) Ferry good ! gets me to Shrine , see another sign , go under road to ferry
Get up , just across the road bypassing the lights , look around to get barrings
Find dock , wander over and see sign saying wait 15 mins for ferry

All is good :-)

Bought OJ and Postcard photos from kiosk next to dock , took a few photos.
Got ferry over , it was FULL of Koreon tourist (so was hiroshima actually)
Had a ball on the island , saw real life deers (another japan visit first)
Meet a cool amercian and I gave him my LJ blog addy and email
I took photos for him and he took photos for me .
I took photos of shrine
The once i get to house thingy by the temple , it was a case of the OHHH SHIT

The camera battery died in the arse

*** PANIC ***

That sucked the big one, nat the USA guy said he would swap photos , you rock mate.
Got ferry/train/bus back to hostel , picked up bag (big port)
On the way down its hill it was around 3.30 pm , guess what happens at 3.30
and guess what the hostel was close to
Another first - you guest it , HIROSHMIA JAPANESE High school girls !!!

Next visit in Japan I will be going to Hiroshima again to see shrine when half the stuff is open
like Rope Bridge and half the stuff on the island seemed close (island were water shrine)
plus I want to experince it in LOW tide on the sand .
Their was other stuff to do around the hostel but without pre planing I missed out on things
to do . Next japan visit is going to be MORE ORGANISED !

Ohhh Almost forgot to mention I meet and chatted to german tourist on the train back from water
shrine, he was a an free world trip he won (lucky!!) he was off to Australia on Satruday to SA then to NZ.
The chair I was sitting on chatting to him was heating , a bit to warm for me but Im sure Rob and Mick
would of loved the chair .

I ate cloesaw salad and cold battered chicken on a stick for the 5pm journey leaving hiroshma and
knocked off the rest of the Oj , no pic camera dead and gave the rubbish to a nice lady with a
rubbish bag.

Close to Shin-Osaka I was talking to this American (How I knew he was american, he was playing music
loud on ear phones , annoying , very !) him and his asian wife were touring japan from USA .
The asian wife ended up giving me some choclate wafer straw thingies.

Its funny , you ask western people were they are from , im like , Brisbane in Australia or Australia
you ask an American they go xzy town like I fucking expected to know were it is or the states
I hate that saying "the states" its likes saying , we are wankers and were the only ones
with states in our country . GRRR


The Water Shrine was awesome , I really should of devoted a entire day to this as there is a lot
to do on the island , along with the rope cable cars which was under repair and the fish area.

I took as many photos as I could before camera battery died .

To note for tourists:
1, you can rent a bike using JR pass for about 300 yen.
2, To get into the house by the temple costs 230 yen
(You have a closer view view of the temple outside the house)
3, try to go in low water/low tide period

Here is an googled found image of what it looks like in low tide:


Part 2 - Arriving in Tokyo

I went from Hiroshima to Shin-Osaka then Shin-Osaka to Japan (Tokyo) which was
a little over 900 km . I left 5:15 pm , got to tokyo at 10:10pm.

I had no trouble swapping trains Tokyo to the various lines to get the to Hotel
but going from the train station to the hotel was a utter bloody nightmare
I ended up walking around in 1 degress cold in a hour and a half till I was close
to the area and paided a rude taxi driver $7.5 just to go about 400 metres
since i was so extasted , Got to the hotel around 1,30 am . Had to wait
another 30 mins since only one guy was at the desk , then another guy
turned up 30 mins later to show me to the room were mick and rob were


But I arrived at hotel and had about 4-5 hrs sleep

Tags: tired, wish i had a gps
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