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Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 05 (03 Feb 2010) [Hiroshma]

Day 05 - Wednesday - Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima Trip

The plan was to wake up at 5:45 , I layed down around 11pm ,
I woke up then turned the alarm off and drifted back to sleep
I woke up a few minutes before 7AM



I quickly grabbed my stuff together , packed it in any bag it could fit
and rushed off to the Shin-Osaka Train Station . I ended up putting my
unberra pointing out of the port and the washing powder in a bag hanging of it.

I asked a nice man that would understand which train I wanted (I must of prouncanced it right)
and he showed me a map of were to walk from "Enterancea".

I then found the JR office , picked up a ticket for a reversed seat (Lucky they didnt give me a smoking cart)
One snazy thing I noticed about this train is its got a POWER POINT RIGHT NEXT TO MY SEAT , sweet!!!

** Insert photo here **

This train unlike yesterdays mick up has a nice LCD display in english saying im going in the right direction.
Leaving Shin-Osaka Train Station at 8:17 (it seemed it rocked up early but I got on it) , its now 8:28
and were at Shin-Kobe (FRAK 10 mins to get were I wanted , GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR yesterday)
This is another train with people with trollies for items to buy (cool!! but I have my fruit bun and water for breakfast)

*** insert pic of OJ and Bun **

Its 9 AM and we are stopping at Himaji (place with the castle) GRRRR this is another place I wanted to goto .
So for anyone going from Toyko , you go from Tokyo , to Osaka , then to Shin-Osaka , get off change platforms
get this 493 train , it goes to KOBE first , then onto Hijemi

I saw a temple and a ferris wheel going to fast out of Hijemi to take a photo of , that would of been a place to visit , DAMM.

Ohh BTW THIS TRAIN IS AWESOME , a cute girl in a uniform walks by and ask for any rubish, so I gave her my OJ popper
and thanked for in Japanese and bowed . She smiled . (CUTE !!!)

The train tunnels make my ears all funny like the plane trip , probly since were are doing over 100 k's on the train ,
it zooms along at a rapid rate of knots thats for sure . Well just typing all this up and Im 40 mins away from Hiiroshama .


The plan once I get to Hiroshima is to find the " Hiroshima Youth Hostel "
which is a cheap place apprently , I hope its a room and not a dorm .
It has Internet apprently , a bed and a pool for summer use . I have to catch a bus to get to it (yen coins)

** insert photos of my yen coins **

** Insert Cute yen coins **

Ohh BTW I did clothes washing last Night and it cost me two 100 yen coins for a clothes washing machine
(That was smaller then mine at home without the cool music) and 100 yen for a dryer (that did a crappy job)
(If this hostel has a dryer ill end up chucking most of the stuff in it to warm up again)

Todays plan was to visit:

Peace Park
& Shukkei-en (historic Japanese garden in the city of Hiroshima, Japan)
& Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine

I made it to the Shukkei-En Garden and the Castle in Hiroshima .
I checked out another big shopping mall (I think this one was dedicated for females ,
thus the reason I so so many cute asian girls today )

The Garden was AWESOME , I took so many pics and even a video , think of the gardens
in Brisbane CBD but 50 times better . The only wild life I saw was Pidgons and Crows
and a SINGLE FISHY in the water , which swam away before I got to take pic of it.

The Hostel was an adventure in itself finding and getting to , I swear Kybo bus system
is a LOT BETTER then Hiroshma system , but Hiroshma has Trams .

** Photo of tram **

The Castle was an interesting experince (just a walk down the road from the gardens)
and BIG , BLOODY STEPS and steps and steps and more steps .
My fav floor was the one with the swords , I was not allowed to take pics in that section.
When I got to the top floor of the Castle , what do i find , BLOODY VENDING MACHINES
Ohh no your not allowed to take photos of things inside glass containers but
its okay to stick vendening machines up the top WTF ???
So I tired Japanese Vending Machine "MILK TEA" considering it was a dollar (100 yen)
not bad and it felt like a zollion degress in hotness , just the thing to warm me up.

I took photos of a-bomb tree's , one dead and one alive (yes WTF it survied)
The castle was about a km away from the epi centre.

Just outside the Castle was a tea cermany place , i wasnt sure if I was allowed in so I just took photos
of it and the girls cleaning the place.

I had my first remen cooked fresh in Japan today ** YAY **
OMFG it took ages to down it all and it was filling
It was in the big Sogo building which was on bottom floor (B1)
but the bus station was on level 3

Ohh outside the 11 story sogo building was the BEST TV

** insert pic**
It was displaying a few things , including a ad for a heater
This school girl brings home a puppy and its all wet , so she uses some heater to dry it off
and the puppy is happy , thus consumers should buy heaters to keep puppy happy !!!

I had my first japanese share bathroom experince tonight (by myself) lol
no one went in while the white western aussie was in their.

I had a cute asian girl say hello but she didnt know any more english i think.

I am in a multi share room by myself with 3 duel bunk beds and the
room is about the size of my room back in Brisbane but with a baloncy
with an awesome view of city lights

Im off to water Shrine tommorow morning , then back to Hostel before 3pm
then off to tokyo to Meet up with Rob and Mick at "Tokyo Centre of Asia"
Im really knacked after today , good night , Ill keep everyone posted on my
travels .
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