CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 04 (02 Feb 2010) [Epic Fail4]

Day 04 - Tuesday - Day of Discovery by myself

The idea was to Castle and Kobe , but due to external situation
I wasted to many hours walking around and not doing that much.
I then went by myself to Shin Osaka station around 10.30-11
got a train IN THE WRONG BLOODY DIRECTION but told by several people
it was the right one , make a long story short , I bloody gave up and really
annoyed at the idea of wing it without a bloody clue and choose to goto the
main part of osaka , which I got around 2.30-3pm. Got off , checked out
this cool mega big harvey extortion type store , 9 floors of crazyness.

** Insert pics **

** insert pics **

** Insert pics **

The place displayed signs saying cameras spying on you and not to take photos (BUGGER)
because this place was CCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOLLL !!!
I really liked the TV Level with the Sharp High Def 1080p 205cm LCD , it looked pretty snazzy
and had heaps of 0's on the price tag . It was displaying Transformers 2 DVD or Blueray with
Japanese Subs .

The english movies in this store cost MORE to buy in Australia but they seemed to have a better
range then ezydvd had , they had a little anime section were I found BLEACH (does a little yay dance)
but it was pretty much in japanese on the front and back and no mention of subs and the price
was over 5000 yen (probly for only 5 or 6 eps )

I really wanted to buy this cool "Pocket WIFI" gadet but found one guy that spoke english and he
mentioned to get it you needed to sign up for a TWO year contract
(sound like another country you know) GRR I would of been the envy with a tiny sweet cool 3g
SIM wifi router to use with my Internode 3g 5 gig a month sim.

I ended up going up to the food place and bypassed to the chick floors
(*cough* I mean fashion floors) and walked around a little till I foind a koren curry place that
had a sign saying Forieners get discount *SWEET* Im up for discount for stupid gyjins
I got Pork Curry with rice , OJ , salad for about 900 yen (Probly AU$10)
What I really liked about this place it was nice and tucked away
( I needed to slow down in peace and quiet) (The shopping part was overwhalming)
and they had a big arse water jug so you didnt have to ask all the time
for a refill . One thing Ive noticed all the nice places give you a little cloth to wash your hands
and wot not all warmed up

I ended up heading back to Shin-Osaka since it was almost 5pm by this time ,
I went to a few 7-11 type convenince stores at Shin-Osaka , one with an annoying kid out front
near a Hello Kitty Yogget sign I couldnt find any panadole but I picked up a couple of noodle soups
(One I shared with Kerra since it was MEGA spicy and I didnt notice that)
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