CharlieBrownAU (charliebrownau) wrote,

Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 03 (01 Feb 2010) [Kyoto]

DAY 03 - Monday

I woke up about 3 AM after going to bed at 6PM, I felt really knacked
Rob and Mick went to the Hot Spring water slide place with the changing themes.
I had breaky (Western Style) Egg , Ham , noodles , salad (Yes WTF indeed) , cronsant ,
bread bun with butter and jam.

I meet up with Rob and Mick and we took off for "Wing it adventuring"
I was feeling a bit off , so I didnt feel like adventuring to Kobe by myself
quite yet and wasn't 100% sure I knew how to use the public transport that
well by myself . Anyway we ended up in Kyoto .

Kyoto is a city in the central part of the island of Honsha, Japan.
(Honsha is the largest island of Japan)

Kyoto has a population close to 1.5 million. Formerly the imperial capital of Japan,
it is now the capital of Kyoto Prefecture, as well as a major part of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto
metropolitan area.

Side Note:
The Island of Honsha has the active volcano Mount Fuji at 3,776 m,
which makes it the world's 7th highest island. We saw Mount Fuji from the Train,
wow its DAMM BIG .

We got the local Subway which costs 200 yen to Shin-Osaka Train Station
(JR Card friendly , you basicly get local private own'ed lines to major JR ones)
From Shin-Osaka Train Station we got a JR ticket and we headed to KYOTO.

Kyoto Train Station was big (It might of been bigger then Shin-Osaka) had heaps of shops,
inculding this place that looked like david jones that had 10 stories to it and on top was a heli pad .
On the 9th or 8th floor was a information centre we got maps and hello to Australian Tourist from
Tasmania .

*** Photos here **

*** Photos here **

Outside the Kyoto Train Station we saw a funny crab that was giving away info
along with ASTRO BOY !!!!

*** Photos here **

*** Photos here **

Next to Kyoto Train Station is a busy bus interchange and a sign letting us know were all the temples were
(Lots near by) Just when rob was saying , wouldnt it be nice if they was an all day ticket for the bus's
a nice man shows up from the bus information centre to help us out (Thats timing !!)

We all got the All day pass and caught the bus (ohh it was robs idea to walk to the temple at first)
OMFG I am glad we didnt walk , it was MILES AWAY .

First we went to a temple that the nice man suggested , called THE GOLDEN PALILION temple .
(Ohh a bit after we got onto the bus it started to pour down rain).
We all bought a unberra close to the temple (I bet the shop does good trade with this)


Temple was good to check out , I enjoying taking photos and we meet two Australians
that lived on the Southside of Brisbane (Ironic , you travel 1000's of km's and come
across someone from Australia) which we ended up getting along with and we went
along with them to Lunch .

Lunch was good , I cant remember what the place was called but it was located next to maccas.
Both myself and Mick had to cook parts of our meal which was interesting and we only found out
after the meal that rice bowl was extra money , not inculded in the meal , but it was filling and it
was about 10 bucks for my meal in the end .

**** photos here ****

**** photos here ****

**** photos here ****

**** photos here ****

One interesting part of Japan is they have areas in the front of stores that give out free plastic bags that go over unbellas
and some stores have unberra racks.

**** photos here ****

We parted ways from the two Aussies and they recommened in the restrant that we check out a cashle down the road .
So we used our fancy all day bus trip pass's to cruise down to the castle which wasnt far .

Another Different thing in Japan is the bus's drive in reverse , KIDDING !!! :-))
No what they do in reverse is you get into the bus at the back
and you pay as you get off in the front . (But with trains its pay first)

Here is a pic of the nifty little all day bus card that cost 500 yen:
(if we didnt use it each single bus fair is 220 yen a go)

**** photos here ****

Nijō Castle
" Nijō Castle is an flatland castle located in Kyoto, Japan. The castle consists of two
concentric rings of fortifications, the Ninomaru Palace, the ruins of the Honmaru Palace,
various support buildings and several gardens. The surface area of the castle is 275,000
square meters, of which 8000 square meters is occupied by buildings"

We got to this place and it was still raining , OMFG ITS HUGE , how huge HUGE ++ with
a extra side of huge thanks. Inside was a bit dark and no photos were allowed it seemed
really nice to see the old style of japanese , 90% of the rooms seem to be dedicated
for meetings or waiting for a meeting.

*** lots of photos to come **

The gardens were cool , steps were big (no gyms needed in these days ,
walk up and down stairs a few times to lose weight.

*** lots of photos to come **

Well something different happened tonight .
Im sure all the people that know me will get a kick out of this .
I went out to get a bento box dinner from the 24 hr place , I ended up exploring but
didnt find anything nice , in english or affordable , so the fall back was the 24 hr place ,
just a few shops before the 24 hr hour shop this ugly chinese/asian girl starts yapping away ,
Im like no thanks and keep walking. Does that stop the freak , ohh no she keeps on it , talk talk ,
 I wish I knew "bugger off girl" in japanese. So then Im almost at the 24hr shop and she touchs my
 arse and gives up. 24 hr shop is the safe place.

I bought a meal , some nice looking baked buns cheap and choclate on special for 88 yen
(only 60 gramms thou).When I got to the hotel I thought I should of yelled chikan chikan at the
gaijin stalker .Then after the shop Im about to cross the line of the local subway station and see something
else odd , theirs actually ultra cute girls all in a line on the curb facing lights in a building that was closed .
The building is now lit up like a xmas tree and it seems to be a whole building dedicated for brothels .
OMFG its the street were the female brothel pimps hang out and try to get locals and gaijin customers.

Ive had food and a cupa , time for sleep .

I didnt get arrested by I now have been touched on the arse by a japan working girl

Tommorow , Kobe , cross fingers.
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