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Charliebrownau Japan Trip - Day 02 (31 Jan 2010)

Day 02 (31 Jan 2010)

Rob/Mick and I headed to the softbank counter that opened at 6:30
we managed to charge my laptop and Robs iphone via a point in the wall close to the JR office.

Softbank Phone Rental is only accepted via Credit Card which stuffed me only having Yen.

We then headed to food court only to be let down by it but found a nifty store that sold sushi and bento boxs.
I bought chicken egg and rice and Mick and Rob bought Sushi for Breakfast .

We got the Train from Nirita Airport at 7:30 AM to Tokyo main train station that got their around 9 AMou
We then hauled arse to get to the Osaka connection which we followed the pretty signs , wow
heaps of people and places to get lost really easy .

Got on facy express train to Osaka , managed to get OJ for myself and I bought a water for Rob
I used 500 yen coin , I think the OJ was like 130 yen and the Water was 170 yen , leaving me
with two 100 coins .

Drinks do seem a lot cheaper in Japan but all the pet bottles and cans are a lot smaller .

The Tokyo to Osaka trip will take 3 hour's, once to get to Osaka we will need to get
a non JR rain which will cost 180 yen to get closer to the Hotel we are staying at ..

I almost forgot my Jumper/Jacket on the Airport to Tokyo train , minor panic their.

while traveling from airport to Tokyo I was amazed in the Unit building's , how many people
they would squeeze into a building , one was 6 or 7 high and as long as the train

** photo *
[this is the end of the building i was talking about]

So far I haven't been offered a free little box of tissues.
No free wireless Internet yet , guess that waits till we arrive at the Hotel at Osaka .

On the trains over here they all have signs and even on speaker announcement to
put your mobile phone in silent mode and to talk on the mobile on thet area between carriages.

Robs hit his head on trains about 4 times so far .

We saw snow briefly on our trip , we even woke up mick to tell him about this

*** photo ***

*** photo ***

*** photo ***

We got to Shin-Osaka Train station which did seem pretty big (Tokyo one was bigger)
I managed to get separated from Rob and Mick and thought they might be just down the hall way but
stopped after a while

So after a little bit of stressing out , I choose to walk back up to were we went thou the ticket gate.
I found Rob and Mick a few minutes later , they were getting ambushed by JR ticket lady to accept
free tickets to places that were miles away.

We then all got a normal day to day person train to one stop down , found a map and walked to the hotel
in the rain, which was about 5-10min walk .

We booked into the hotel and I checked out their cool duel room
and then they checked out mine and we did our own thing for a hr or so (Shower , change clothes , etc)
(First Shower in Japan)

After booking in and having a shower and what not , I uploaded some of the 60 photos Ive taken so far in Japan
to my USB stick and the Office works USB HDD and plugged laptop into socket for recharge and found wireless
free net (YAY INTERNET !!!!)

All of us ventured out into the rain for a place to get supplies we needed and find a good place for a feed ,
the idea was to find this all you can eat bbq place that we found a discount card in the hall of the hotel but
we ended up finding a nice warm restrant instead which basicly had all the food in japanese symbols.
So it was point and ask for 1 (Lucky dip)

The boys got a salad + soup + prawns crumbed + rice , were I got pork instead of the prawns
(lucky guess). ( One interesting thing I noticed was at the end of the meal someone lit up a
smoke and was smoking in the place,   I saw this in other places too , way different then Australia .
Also the Train had a section for smokers called green cart)

This is a map of were we walking around :

Just a little up from the food place was a 24 hr ( I think it had 24 in Japanese on the front door
and a sign above the door) , which was sorta like 7-11 cross IGA . It had all sorts of stuff .
I was after Sugar and 1L of Milk for Tea (For anyone that knows me , you all know I like my cupa tea)
Soap (Since dispenser was empty in shower in my room , place it might be good to have one to take).
We walked around seeing all sorts of shops inculding netcafe which someone was putting a sign on a traffic
light trying to pimp sales , mos burger place (like Maccas/HJ) , Pub that sells a special at 5pm which
is food + beer for some cheap price . I noticed some hentai and JP XXX mags in a 7-11/servo type store
in a window (Ecchi). We managed to get back to the Hotel Okay . The hotel has a return by 1.30 am
policy to get your key for the room , otherwise your stuck outside till 7am when the breakfast starts.

The guys invited me to goto a Water Slide Hot Springs place but I was really tired and
didn't feel like going out in the rain again. I went to sleep about 6PM and woke up about 3AM.

I got to experince my first Tea making in Japan, these use these odd little water warmers (not kettles) which take
A DAMM LONG TIME FOR A CUPA but hey , its part of the hotel and I got to make my own tea in my own room.
(That was the important bit)

*** PHOTO **

[Isnt this cute , fancy water warmer ]


So Plan for Monday - Day 03

- Breaky in Hotel - you need to show special ticket to get it .
- Find place that sells Rental Phone, Softbank at airport only accepted CC 
not yen for Rental phone.
- Work out how to get to Kobe and back without the other two
- Have fun in Kobe.
- Get back to Hotel in Osaka


Arrest Bet Countdown - Chances HIGH to Medium as Charlie will be by himself and girls may be wet !
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