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Mon, Feb. 27th, 2006, 01:19 pm
Bigond Movie DRM Downloads

Bigond Movie DRM Downloads http://downloads.bigpondmovies.com/

BigPond has launched its movie download service, offering time limited movies, TV episodes and music videos for between $1.95 and $5.95.

The service appears to be available to any broadband user, but BigPond users get a 20% discount and
the data will not count towards their quota.

Windows XP is the only operating system supported using "Bigpond Movie Downloads" (Win XP SP2 has DRM)

"For years people have dreamt of being able to download movies and TV shows over the internet. From today,
BigPond Movie members can legally download a huge choice of movies, TV shows, sport, short films and music videos,
direct to their PCs or notebooks and watch them on demand in full-screen, digital quality via BigPond Movie Downloads,"
said BigPond MD Justin Milne."

My vew on this :

Dont use it ..

Bigpond Movie site wanted a cookie set, just to look at their site . pass
We still wont be able to Download USA tv eps , nor should we have to ,
movie legit downloading is NOT the answer.

TV media stations need to air the Movies and TV shows the same time in
USA, UK, AU and NZ

Just shows how clueless Bigpond are still are , people have been downloading
TV Shows, Movies and Games for the last 10 years.
Look at http://www.nforce.nl

Instead of paying for a time limited crap format (probly wmv)
you can download the same files off p2p/ftp/http/irc for free and without DRM
Or just goto the local Video store and rent a DVD for $2 to $6 bucks