December 12th, 2010


MMO issue's

I have never been into these "Massive" Multi Online games that require a monthly payment before for 4 reasons :

1.   None are hosted in Australia . I refuse to play a PC game that is over 100 ping (e.g. not hosted in AU)

2.   Not only are you paying for a phone line I never use , I pay for bandwidth , then they want a monthly payment
and you often have to "buy" the client .

3.   People seem to be in Guild/Clans , but you never really hear about playing together in a large group , they just adventure
      around in small groups and everyone levels up slowly

4.  People solo the game ? Why would you pay for the game , solo it , use bandwidth on a laggy server, Might aswell play Torchlight in SP.

Or maybe its just not my style of game, since I am not the latest generation of gamers that have never played any PC game before the year 2000 , that think CS/CSS is the best thing since sliced bread and dont know what a Terrabyte is unless they saw it on a pc shop website .


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