April 6th, 2010


New Anime - Kaichō wa Maid-sama! (April 2010)

Today (Tuesday 06 April 2010) I came across a new anime series subbed in XviD by [Eclipse]
its called Kaichō wa Maid-sama! Which translates into The Student Council President is a Maid!

My info about the series:
Its an series based around the high school a nd the president of a class keeping the males in line , which ends up becoming a maid at a maid cafe to earn more money to help her family since her dad ran out with huge debts.

Info from Wiki:
The story is about Misaki Ayuzawa, the smart, beautiful and hardworking Student Council President of Seika High School who has turn her once all-boys now co-ed school from a very dirty, indiscipline school to a clean, proper school for the girls learning there which has most of the male student populace fear her as a boy hating, head strong disciplinarian while the teachers and female student populace see her as their shining hope and hero. However, she has a dark secret that her school doesn't know as she secretly works part-time at a maid cafe in order to support her family.

Unfortunately, her secret is found out by Usui Takumi, a boy at her school who she finds annoying due to his odd attitude yet is well like by the girls at their school, due to his looks, smarts and is one of the few "good boys" of Seika High School. Despite her fears, he doesn't reveal her secret to the school but instead takes an interest of her. What follows is the growing relationship and eventually, romance between Misaki and Usui.

I really find this first ep enjoyable and look forward to the next.
I recommend anyone that enjoys english subbed anime to watch it.
Being in XviD it works streamed to an Xbox360 and PS3 also.
Its a shame the subbed one wasnt available on AU TV like SBS HD,
ohh well, thats what fansubs are for I guess.



Apple iPad - No I won't be buying one

Apple iPad - No I won't be buying one

Everyones going on about the iPad like its the best thing since choclate.
Personaly I dont see it as anything to find worth spending wads of money on
nor am I fussed with any over priced apple hardware with missing features
(or locked firmware out features that need a custom hacked firmware to enable eg iphone)

Details on the ipad
or here

My info about the Ipad:
In short its an electronic ebook that runs simular to a netbook
(small screen , low end cpu , no floppy/optical , etc but its touch screen)
but its over priced , has DRM , probly wont work with CHM or PDF for ebooks
May work with .txt , probly wont be able to read Open Office documents .
Play with MP3s or OGG , probly not .
Play XviD with AC3 or MP3 sound , probly not .
Run Windows or Linux or normal Mac open source software , probly not .

Then again lets just wait till the local AU release and see how it difference in price
and features compared to the already released USA edition.