Andriod Applications I use that are FREE and Privacy good

Andriod Applications I use that are FREE and Privacy good

Mumble , opensource VOIP Client , but someones put it on market place

K-9 Mail is  free and open source email client that can handle IMAP, POP, WebDav and some not-so-finicky exchange servers.

Anode Internode widget - Steve Smith - GPL

Australian TV Time - Only access internet's

ABC - Australian Broadcasting Network

Solitaire - Ken Magic - free - Its Solitaire the card game

Antplayer - Free shoutcast CLIENT , eg point it to a shoutcast server , eg Internode or Tripple J or ABC classic or my LAN shoutcast server

Yellow Pages Australia , reads and writes personal data

White Pages Australia , reads and writes personal data

Netbank free or pay , not released by Commbank

Nodedroid (8bit cloud) - Modify or delete sd card contents and reads system log files

Aussie Loo -
- your location , which i guess is via the gps , but it then mentions services that cost money, call phone numbers
hello , wtf

Translink QLD Planner -
reads personal data , no need , very bad

Japan Train Table website , this was a kickarse site for me while in Japan


Paid Applications and games that would be good but I haven't bought any apps yet:

LogmeIn Ignition -

Fruit Ninja -  and its Queensland / Australian made - link

Angry Birds -

MMO issue's

I have never been into these "Massive" Multi Online games that require a monthly payment before for 4 reasons :

1.   None are hosted in Australia . I refuse to play a PC game that is over 100 ping (e.g. not hosted in AU)

2.   Not only are you paying for a phone line I never use , I pay for bandwidth , then they want a monthly payment
and you often have to "buy" the client .

3.   People seem to be in Guild/Clans , but you never really hear about playing together in a large group , they just adventure
      around in small groups and everyone levels up slowly

4.  People solo the game ? Why would you pay for the game , solo it , use bandwidth on a laggy server, Might aswell play Torchlight in SP.

Or maybe its just not my style of game, since I am not the latest generation of gamers that have never played any PC game before the year 2000 , that think CS/CSS is the best thing since sliced bread and dont know what a Terrabyte is unless they saw it on a pc shop website .


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Charliebrownau's New mobile Phone - Asus-Garmin A10

On Thursday 12 Aug 2010 I bought myself a new mobile phone,
the Asus Garmin A10 . Its an Andriod based phone with aGPS,
Google Maps , Garmin offline GPS and other flashy features.
Best of all its got a LOUD SPEAKER and its not network locked.


No optical disc was given so I went to the Asus site to download
the driver and came across they have a new model soon to be released
soon , the M10


Steam - It could be a LOT better

Just came across this steam pic , very fitting.

Am I the only one or lately has Alien swarm choose to remove it self
from your steam install and want to re download the entire thing again
(This has happened to me twice last month)

Plus seem just has no regard for your auto update settings ,
even if you disable auto update it updates anyway upon steam
starting up . FRAK U STEAM !!!

Road Trip to Bribie Island - July 2010 - Queensland, Australia

On Tuesday 20th of July 2010 , Myself and two people I knew from Tafe ,
meet up and went on an road trip to Bribie Island.

It was a good day and I got to check out Bribie Island

Google Directions:

Photos of the beach were we had Breaky by the water:
Charliebrownau - Bribie Island Trip - July 2010 - Beach 02

Charliebrownau - Bribie Island Trip - July 2010 - Beach 01
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Japan Trip #2 in the planning - Friday 08 - Friday 22 April 2011

I am in the progress of planning my second trip to Japan.
I really enjoyed going on trip #1 (Feb 2010) I want to revisit again.

Instead of the Winter COLD period its going to be the warmer
cherry blossom period and leaving a week before GOLDEN Week.

This trip I plan to see Kobe , since I stuffed up and missed
seeing it on trip #1.

Another place I missed seeing was Sapporo , so that's on the list this time.
To allow for the extra visiting of places its going to be a 3 week trip !

I will be revisiting Osaka and Shin-Osaka again . I really love that area of Japan.

New Gadgets (11 May 2010)

Im looking into buying a few new gadgets .

New monitor , Webcam with Mic (Mic needed for online/LAN gaming commication).

Why new monitor , it allows me to connect my gaming PC , File Server , Xbox360
and PS2 to a single screen . Free'ing up the 22" Asus old screen for my spare P4
desktop gaming box for visitors to use . The current setup is a PS2 KVM which lags
on steam games and the mouse locks up for a moment (not good when people are shooting at you)

The Screen is an Asus MT276H (27" / 68cm LCD 1080p Monitor)

and webcam is an Logitech QuickCam Sphere MP AF
(Webcam with mic and movement tracking)
I have nicknamed the cam the Stalker cam , because it follows you around the room.

Umart ( listed the webcam but its out of stock and provide
no pre order option on the Eight Mile Plains store.

19 July 2010

I bought the 27" Monitor , Webcam and an Logictech G19 Keyboard.
Webcam is AWESOME as an gaming mic and skype chatting
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Japan Feb 2010 Trip - Day Overview Index + Photos uploaded


Apple iPad - No I won't be buying one

Apple iPad - No I won't be buying one

Everyones going on about the iPad like its the best thing since choclate.
Personaly I dont see it as anything to find worth spending wads of money on
nor am I fussed with any over priced apple hardware with missing features
(or locked firmware out features that need a custom hacked firmware to enable eg iphone)

Details on the ipad
or here

My info about the Ipad:
In short its an electronic ebook that runs simular to a netbook
(small screen , low end cpu , no floppy/optical , etc but its touch screen)
but its over priced , has DRM , probly wont work with CHM or PDF for ebooks
May work with .txt , probly wont be able to read Open Office documents .
Play with MP3s or OGG , probly not .
Play XviD with AC3 or MP3 sound , probly not .
Run Windows or Linux or normal Mac open source software , probly not .

Then again lets just wait till the local AU release and see how it difference in price
and features compared to the already released USA edition.